We are the premier boutique trade finance services firm, providing exceptional support to our global clientele since 1999.

In 1999, our company was founded to solve a really big problem in the import world: access to capital. With decades of importing experience, our founders knew that banks were simply not capable of truly satisfying the needs of most import businesses, so they built a company to hit those shortcomings head-on.

CFP International writes documentary letters of credit for import clients on six continents. All LCs are done in-house, and managed alongside the client until goods are received.

How do we do it? Relationships with over 75 American and European banks, as well as two special purpose banks (established for our exclusive use) give us an incredible breadth of capability. Building our company this way wasn’t easy, but we did it for a very specific purpose: we now have the tools to provide tailor-made solutions to ANY trade finance headache. Our level of flexibility is unmatched, and it ensures our clients receive solutions as entrepreneurial as they are.

Speaking of eliminating headaches; because we think like importers, we never require a client to damage their liquidity by giving us security collateral. We understand that money is useless unless it can be used to pay for stuff the business needs.

Our services are the perfect solution for import businesses tiresome of raising capital through traditional means, and our products are particularly beneficial when we can work directly a factor.

We have an incredible amount of respect for our clients’ time and money, and it shows in everything we do. Give us a call today and see for yourself.