Collect, Convert and Transfer Money Globally

Whether a business or an individual – we can help you Buy and Sell Currency and Make Payments anywhere in the world in the most simple and cost-effective way.

How Can We Help?
  • Open an account by completing our online registration form. It’s quick, simple and free.
  • Use our online platform or trade over the phone.
  • Spot and forward contracts and make payments to over 200 countries safely and hassle-free.
  • Free global currency accounts in over 30 different currencies, allowing you to make or collect payments locally with overseas market places and suppliers with same or next-day processing
  • Personal Service – A dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process and advise you on the best approach for you and your business.
Payment Solutions
Spot Contracts

used when you need to exchange currency instantly. You’ll receive the best available exchange rate at the time of purchase and this trade is for same day settlement. Once you’ve paid for your foreign currency, you can send the funds securely with no transaction fees.

Forward Contracts

enables you to fix your exchange rate for up to two years in advance. In an ever competitive global marketplace, it’s imperative that you can accurately forecast your cost. As none of us have a crystal ball, the only way to remove the risk and uncertainty is to enter into a forward contract

Market orders

If you’re looking to trade between currencies when they reach particular rates, just let us know. We monitor the markets real time and take action whenever your desired level is achieved. The whole process is fully automated, running 27/7, so you can be sure you wont miss the opportunity.

Multi Currency Collection Accounts

Receive overseas and local multi-currency accounts in your own name, enabling you to invoice your customers in their home currency and hold balances until you’re ready to convert. There are no charges so you’ll receive the full amount of your invoice. These accounts can be set up instantly and free of charge.

Why work with us?

International Payments Platform

There is no charge for international payments when you send funds abroad. Member of the Swift Network with multiple payment runs a day. Bought funds arrive within a few hours of us receiving sold funds.

FCA Authorised & Regulated

Segregated and fully ring fenced client accounts in accordance with FCA regulations. Your funds are always protected and cannot be claimed by creditors as they are completely independent of the business accounts and assets.

Trade Status

Receive instant trade confirmation. Track your trade status along the payment journey. Receive Payment Notification Emails

Consistent and transparent pricing with no hidden fees

The mid-market rate is always visible, allowing the user to see how competitive the rate is.

Dedicated Dealers

Every client has an experienced personal dealer to execute trades and provide advice.

Trade/Payment History

5 years of trading logs and payment history – great for month/year end reports and audits.

24-Hour access; 7 Days a week

Log on to the platform anywhere at anytime.

Pre-Saved Beneficiaries

Saving you time, allowing you to buy currency and allocate payment in under 1 minute

Multiple Users & Permissions

Multiple Permissions & individual risk limits for each account to allow for flexibility of business operations.